One in two companies plans to bring VM workloads to Kubernetes

One in two companies plans to bring VM workloads to Kubernetes

Research from Pure Storage indicates that companies have had good experiences with Kubernetes and are now looking to deploy the technology in more areas.

Pure Storage notes in research in partnership with Dimensional Research that interest in Kubernetes for VM workloads is high. 58 percent of those surveyed say they have plans for this migration. In addition, the platform is popular for building critical apps such as databases (72%), analytics (76%) and AI/ML workloads (54%).

According to Murli Thirumale, vice president of Portworx at Pure Storage, migrating VM workloads to Kubernetes is a logical next step for companies already running critical applications on Kubernetes. “Experienced platform leaders are running mission-critical applications like databases, analytics, and AI/ML on Kubernetes at massive scale in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It’s no surprise that these platform leaders are also paving the way for VMs to be managed by Kubernetes.”

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High cloud-native adoption

The survey, in which 527 IT professionals participated, also draws the questions more broadly by arrowing at interest in cloud-native technology. That technology is on the rise in the coming years. Eight in ten companies will build new applications (almost) exclusively on cloud-native platforms in the coming years. In that choice, IT professionals consider the flexibility of the technology important. To deploy it successfully, Pure Storage believes it is important for companies to have platform engineering teams in place. Companies share that view, with 96 percent of organizations having such teams in place.

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Source: Pure Storage