Oracle HCM Cloud keeps employees motivated with AI

Oracle HCM Cloud keeps employees motivated with AI

At its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Oracle was blowing new life into its entire software portfolio. Among other things, it is expanding its HCM Cloud with new AI tools to help with the recruitment process and reduce staff turnover.

The ever-changing expectations of candidates and employees are one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today, resulting in escalating recruitment costs and increasing staff turnover, says Chris Leone, SVP Development for Oracle HCM Cloud.

According to Leone, those expectations will continue to change faster than most organizations are able to keep up. HR teams must constantly adapt and innovate. By continuing to integrate the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning into Oracle HCM Cloud, we help our customers simplify complexity and provide the best possible employee experience, says the Oracle leader.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a complete platform that spans the entire life cycle of an employee. The updates announced by Oracle this week focus on features that make work simpler, smarter and more agile with the help of artificial intelligence:

  • Scalable HR Concierge with digital assistants to increase employee engagement and satisfaction on the one hand, and the productivity of the HR team on the other.
  • Mobile responsive design for a consistent experience on any device. User access to HCM can also be restricted based on location.
  • Configurable action lists for represented employee processes.
  • LinkedIn recruitment integrations to simplify and automate the search for candidates.
  • Smart sourcing with the best candidate to shorten the recruitment process and reduce staff turnover.
  • Self-learning risk management to reduce the cost of compliance, prevent fraud and improve data privacy.
  • Strategic personnel planning to optimize the workforce and visualize the impact of personnel changes.
  • My Brand increases engagement, helps employees improve their skills and build their personal brand by stimulating collaboration with colleagues and enabling mentoring recommendations.
  • LinkedIn integrations to better track talents by making internal mobility and career opportunities more visible.
  • HCM Experience Design Studio increases employee satisfaction and HR productivity. It gives HR the opportunity to create employee experiences that are in line with the company culture without the help of IT.

Oracle’s announcements come about a month after Infor, a major competitor in this field, also announced its plans for the future of its products. Infor also focuses on artificial intelligence and has the ambition to get the most out of each employee on the basis of big data analytics.

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