MongoDB acquires mLab to enlarge Atlas database

MongoDB acquires mLab to enlarge Atlas database

MongoDB takes over mLab. It has deposited 68 million dollars for the acquisition and wants to grow its cloud services. The acquisition enables some interesting changes to the Atlas offering of the database giant. The acquisition must be completed by 31 January 2019.

In a statement, MongoDB states that the takeover should strengthen its relationship with startups that focus mainly on developers. This is a market segment in which mLab is indeed very successful. The acquisition will be completed at the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

Database management by mLab

Founded in 2011, mLab currently manages more than 900,000 databases at three major cloud providers in 43 data centers worldwide. MongoDB acquires the Californian company with the ambition to further strengthen its position in the database services sector of the cloud market.

MongoDB represents a major change in the way application developers work with data, said Will Shulman, CEO of mLab, in a statement about the acquisition. According to Shulman, there is a trend towards developing software systems within microservices and then rolling them out in the cloud. MongoDB will be in an excellent position to drive these kinds of software systems in ways that are not accessible to other database techniques.

MongoDB and Atlas

MongoDB was founded during 2007 by Dwight Merriman, Eliot Horowitz and Kevin Ryan. It offers a number of different database services, of which Atlas – released in 2016 – is the most important. Atlas automates complex and time-consuming administrative tasks. The acquisition of mLab should further improve Atlas.

In the two years since its launch, Atlas has gained considerable momentum and has grown by more than four hundred percent last year. This shows the popularity of MongoDB in the public cloud, as well as the desire of many customers to use MongoDB as a service, says Dev Ittycheria, CEO of MongoDB in a statement. The acquisition of mLab enables us to scale up Atlas even faster.

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