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Expenditure on the roll-out of 5G networks is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Until 2022, IDC expects expenditure to continue to increase by 118 percent annually. The roll-out of 5G networks will therefore accelerate.

In any case, this is what the IDC predicts in its first forecast for the 5G network infrastructure. Network providers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have big plans to roll out their 5G networks. Whoever is the first to have a working network will be ahead of the competition. This is important, because it is expected that 5G will bring about a transformation.

2019 important year

2019 will be an extremely important year for the mobile industry, writes the IDC. 5G handsets are coming onto the market and for the first time end-users themselves can benefit from them. IDC therefore believes that there will be a lot of money involved in the roll-out of the networks and that the costs involved will increase every year.

In 2018, expenditures in 5G and 5G-related network infrastructures sun 528 million dollars. IDC believes that by 2022 this amount will have grown to a staggering 26 billion dollars. A considerable increase, on average 118 percent per year. The IDC expects that 5G RAN will be the largest market segment in which money will be invested in the coming period.

The expectations that cling to 5G are huge. The technology must ensure that the networks of the future can cope with the great demand. After all, more and more devices are using the Internet. This increases the pressure on networks. But as more and more communication in the cloud and computing is not done on location, networks also need to function quickly to achieve fast results. 5G plays a crucial role in this.

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