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Amazon Web Services (AWS) embraces blockchain with two new services. Amazon Managed Blockchain supports Ethereum and HyperLedger, while Amazon Quantum Ledger Database is a fully managed LED database.

At AWS re:Invent CEO Andy Jassy tells us that Amazon has taken its time to properly understand why customers want blockchain instead of a classic database. Even though we have a lot of customers who use blockchain on our platform, we hardly saw any blockchain examples that are not solvable with a database, says Jassy.

According to Jassy there is a culture within AWS that they don’t just build something to build. They want to understand what the customer needs and wants to solve. AWS wants to help in this where possible according to ZDNet.

Two services

Today, AWS is launching not one but two LED-based services, both centralized and decentralized. According to them, a lot of customers wanted centralized ledgers with decentralized transactions.

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) is a fully managed LED database with a central reliable authority. It is an unchangeable, cryptographically verifiable, transparent and fast platform, says Jassy. The platform can process transactions twice as fast as standard. QLDB is scalable and easy to use.

The second blockchain service is Amazon Managed Blockchain. Allows users to create and manage scalable blockchain networks using Ethereum or HyperLedger. AWS says it scales across thousands of applications processing millions of transactions. Users can manage their blockchain networks thanks to API requests.


Data can be moved from Amazon Managed Blockchain to Amazon QLDB for analysis, says Jassy. In hindsight, it was quite logical where blockchain could be useful.

Amazon arrived at the blockchain party pretty late. Microsoft has been embracing the technology on Azure for some time now and recently launched a blockchain SDK. IBM showed off 400 blockchain customers on its platform earlier this year and announced last month that Visa will use the IBM Blockchain Platform for its global payment platform.

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