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On Wednesday, Google announced that the Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) is now available in a beta version for all Google Cloud Platform customers. This was announced in March and is a tool that should give companies more insight into the status of their data security in various Google Cloud services.

The Cloud Security Command Center is an important new tool. Its primary function is to help companies collect data, identify threats, and act on threats before data is lost or compromised. In this way, the aim is to help companies avoid large data leaks.

Comprehensive updates

As part of the betarelease, Cloud SCC will have a number of new features. For example, support for Google Cloud Platform products has been expanded. There are also more institutions available within Cloud SCC and notifications have been improved. Finally, Google is adding new integrations with third party cloud services. These include Cavirin, Chief and Redlock.

If you’re building applications, or deploying infrastructure in the cloud, you need a central plan, says Andy Chang, senior product manager at Google Cloud in a blog post. According to him, companies need to look closely at a plan that unites their assets, vulnerabilities and the threats that they may face, among other things. This allows you to monitor your security status and make changes where necessary.

Given the growing interest in cloud services and platforms, their security is more important than ever. Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud services in the world and therefore also a party that plays a significant role in keeping data secure. Given the advent of new legislation and regulations such as GDPR, this should also be the case.

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