Nvidia is hoping to take a share of the car market with its own autopilot.

Nvidia is hoping to take a share of the car market with its own autopilot.

Nvidia is fully focused on responding as much as possible to the market for autonomous vehicles. The company is developing a near-term product that will enable it to compete in a whole new segment of the automotive industry. During the CES 2019 it became clear that the company had developed the Nvidia Drive AutoPilot.

This is a reference platform that car manufacturers can use to bring new and sophisticated automated driving functionality to their production vehicles. This does not make it a self-propelled vehicle, but it does make it a vehicle that is equipped with systems that help the driver while driving.

Helping the driver

Drive AutoPilot is aimed at driving on the highway, among other things. Vehicles can help drivers to insert and remove them. They can also inform the driver about pedestrians and cyclists, among other things, and help with parking. Furthermore, thanks to a computer vision system, the assistant keeps an eye on the driver. If it seems to fall asleep, a warning signal may sound, for example.

The software also allows Nvidia to roll out over-the-air software updates. Most car manufacturers – with the exception of Tesla – have not yet fully embraced this possibility. Perhaps that’s why Nvidia already has two customers for its technology. These are Continental and ZF, which will bring cars onto the market with the Drive AutoPilot platform from 2020.

Nvidia does not make a plug-and-play system for its customers. They can use the platform as a reference in order to set up their own automated system. Continental only offers its customers automatic driving and parking. The Xavier system-on-a-chip processor, which can handle 30 trillion calculations per second, forms the basis for this.

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