VMware is going to lay off a small proportion of its employees

VMware is going to lay off a small proportion of its employees

VMware is going to cut its workforce. Dell’s subsidiary has announced that it is going to lay off people. It is not clear how many people will lose their jobs and in which sectors exactly. However, it is clear that VMware will be starting to do so this month.

According to the company, the redundancies are part of a regular review of the workforce. We can confirm that there will be a small number of changes in our workforce this month, says VMware in a statement to Bloomberg news agency. This is part of a process that we conduct on a regular basis, rebalancing the workforce and ensuring that the resources of VMware’s global businesses and locations match our strategic goals and the needs of our customers.

New people

Some of the employees whose position disappears will have a different role within VMware. The company therefore announces that it has an active employee support programme. The aim of this programme is to ensure that no one is left in the lurch. At the same time, VMware is also announcing that it continues to hire people.

We continue to recruit new people in areas that have ended up strategic for the company, let the company know. We are still looking for 2,000 new employees for VMware. By this time last year, the company had just under 22,000 employees. In 2017, 2,000 new staff members were recruited.

CRN reports that fewer people are being dismissed than new people are being sought. VMware-CEO Pat Gelsinger announces that in 2019 the company wants to focus on helping customers in this multicold era. We’ve been saying for some time that customers want to reduce the complexity of their digital infrastructure so that they can safely run and manage any app on any device and any cloud.

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