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After KPN announced its intention to discontinue brand names such as Telfort and XS4ALL in the near future, an action group was soon formed that wanted to try to retain the internet provider. KPN does not seem to be open to this, so the committee wants to set up an alternative to the internet provider.

According to the Algemeen Dagblad, this was evident during a meeting of the action committee that took place in the Amsterdam Weighing House. KPN said it wanted to stop XS4ALL, to strengthen its own brand. It promised to keep XS4ALL’s customer service as it is, but to include it in KPN’s customer service. Eventually, 47,000 people signed a petition to keep XS4ALL, and a meeting took place between KPN board members and the initiators of that petition. Without success, because the initiators let it be known that KPN was determined in its intention to abolish XS4ALL.

Alternatives in the making

For this reason, the initiators of the petition have now decided to make an alternative. For example, consideration is being given to setting up a new ISP to provide services similar to those provided by XS4ALL. How realistic that is is is questionable, because according to Michiel Buitelaar, who was once in charge of KPN’s consumer market department, only one new internet provider has been established in the past ten years.

However, according to Kirsten Verdel, who founded the XS4ALL conservation committee, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for an alternative. In the coming months, it intends to explore with its committee the possibilities and the viability of setting up a new ISP. She sees plenty of opportunities anyway, because XS4ALL has about a quarter of a million customers. If there is an alternative, it cannot be under the same brand name, as it belongs to KPN.

It is not yet known exactly when KPN will stop using XS4ALL, it has yet to be announced.

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