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KPN has introduced new mobile subscriptions. The telecom provider will soon be offering a subscription for the first time with a data bundle of no less than one hundred gigabytes. If customers also use other KPN services and thus purchase KPN Complete packages, they receive twice as much data.

Within the new subscriptions, KPN offers customers the option of opting for a bundle of 150 call minutes and/or text messages, or the unlimited variant. The difference between the two bundles is two euros, which is likely to mean that many customers will opt for unlimited texting and calling. If you choose for 150 minutes and that is not enough, it is possible to switch the following month to unlimited. It is also possible to switch back.

Six subscriptions

KPN now offers six subscriptions, with data bundles ranging from 0 to 100 gigabytes. For customers who use KPN Compleet, which in fact mainly means that in addition to their mobile subscription they also purchase another service from the provider, lower prices and larger bundles apply. In practice, this means an advantage of five euros per subscription and a doubling of the available number of mbs, text messages or call minutes.

According to Tweakers, the new KPN subscriptions are available immediately. This applies at least to new connections, but also to loans. Below is an overview of all the new subscriptions KPN offers:

2 years, sim-only, 150 minutes/sms:

  • 0 gigabyte: 13 euro
  • 2 gigabytes: 18 euro
  • 5 gigabytes: 23 euro
  • 15 gigabytes: 28 euros
  • 50 gigabytes: 34 euros
  • 100 gigabytes: 63 euros

2 years, sim-only, unlimited calling and texting

  • 0 gigabyte: 15 euro
  • 2 gigabytes: 20 euros
  • 5 gigabytes: 25 euros
  • 15 gigabytes: 30 euros
  • 50 gigabytes: 36 euros
  • 100 gigabytes: 65 euros

If you also purchase other services from KPN, you are eligible for a KPN Complete subscription. That means you’ll get twice as much data and minutes. This is a variant with 300 call minutes / text messages and the same unlimited variant. At the same time, as a KPN Complete subscription, you do receive discounts of five euros per bundle type. This provides the following subscriptions and rates:

2 years, sim-only, 300 minutes/sms:

  • 0 gigabyte: 8 euro
  • 4 gigabytes: 13 euro
  • 10 gigabytes: 18 euros
  • 30 gigabytes: 23 euros
  • 100 gigabytes: 29 euros
  • 200 gigabytes: 58 euros

2 years, sim-only, unlimited calling and texting

  • 0 gigabyte: 10 euro
  • 4 gigabytes: 15 euro
  • 10 gigabytes: 20 euros
  • 30 gigabytes: 25 euros
  • 100 gigabytes: 31 euros
  • 200 gigabytes: 60 euros
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