AWS gives Snowball Edge option for block storage

AWS gives Snowball Edge option for block storage

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has given its Snowball Edge device the ability to work with block storage volumes. The option was added, according to the tech giant, after customers asked for it. The function is available immediately, reports ZDNet.

“With both block and object storage options on Snowball Edge, you have the flexibility to roll out a wider set of applications in rugged, temporary or mobile environments that have limited or no network connectivity,” says AWS. To use the block storage, customers use the EBS API to link volumes to Amazon Machine Images.

According to AWS it is not necessary to pre-set volumes, but they can be created in the field when needed. The volumes grow elastically to their defined sizes.

EC2 instances

AWS announced in July last year that it would also be possible to run EC2 instances on the 16 vCPU’s of the Snowball Edge devices. This allows the device to be taken to the shop floor and to process all standard Amazon Machine Images on it. This makes it possible to process more things locally, instead of having to be sent to the cloud to process them.

This makes it possible for the Snowball Edge to keep more and more virtual applications running. The devices are sent back to AWS after use, where the data is transferred to the cloud for aggregation, stoarge and analysis.

To make all this possible, the Snowball Edge devices are equipped with excellent hardware. The console runs on an Intel Xeon processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. The device also supports up to 24 vCPUs and 32 GB of memory. Nowadays there is also an option to add an extra GPU to the console.

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