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AMD expands its T3a portfolio with new servers powered by AMDs Epyc server chips. In this way, the cloud specialist wants to give his customers more choice.

AMD continues to grow in popularity in data centers and the cloud. AMD now announces the wide availability of AMD Epycpus in its EC2 T3a offering. T3a instances are intended for customers who want to run workloads with an average CPU load, with the ability to support peaks when they occur, for as long as necessary. The range extends to all major regions including Europe.

Amazon is gradually making a habit of offering as many options as possible. Just last year, Jeff Bezos’ cloud company announced that it would also include ARM-based servers in its portfolio. Those AWS Graviton servers are now also available. This flexibility clearly shows that the days of Intel as the only obvious choice for data center hardware are over.


The Epyc T3a instances run on the AWS Nitro framework, and are available in seven different flavours. The lightest edition T3a.nano gives you two virtual cpus and 500 MB of RAM, the most powerful one is called T3a.2xlarge and accounts for 8 vCPUs and 32 GB of RAM. Price is an important argument in choosing these instances: they would be 10 percent cheaper than the existing offering.

Availability comes at a time when Intel indicates that it is just getting less profit out of its data center business. With Epyc, AMD naturally has a very clear goal: to gain market share from Intel with equally powerful but generally cheaper hardware.

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