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MongoDB has announced the acquisition of Realm for 39 million dollars (35 million euros). Realm is a startup that has developed the most widely used mobile database of the same name. That’s what Silicon Angle writes.

Last autumn, MongoDB decided to enter the mobile market with the launch of its document database that can run on iOS and Android, as well as on certain connected devices. Realm will increase its presence in this market and give MongoDB a more established product to accelerate its expansion plans.


Realm’s database is an open-source object store, built specifically to drive mobile apps. The software can store data locally on a user’s device, secure it with encryption and retrieve information for an application in nanoseconds.

The software is used by over ten thousand developers at companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Google. There are also 350 organizations that pay for Realm’s commercial products, which are designed to simplify the development of apps based on the database.

The startup offers a range of cloud services to automate common tasks such as synchronizing information between a user’s devices. The company also offers a development tool called Realm Studio, which provides a specialized environment in which software teams can work with the startup products.


However, the acquisition hints that Realm has had trouble making money with its services. However, MongoDB has much less trouble with this, even though it also offers its most important database with an open source license. The company’s sales increased 71 percent to 74 million dollars in the quarter.

MongoDB plans to integrate some of its commercial products with Realm after the acquisition. The company offers a cloud-based database service called MongoDB Atlas, as well as a serverless computing platform called Stitch that can automate tasks.

The acquisition of Realm is expected to be completed later this quarter.

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