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Cisco has unveiled new network technology specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions. The solutions should also provide IT and OT teams with intent-based networking, in order to expand Internet of Things (IoT) projects more easily and quickly.

Intent-based networking is a way to build and manage networks. The new networks no longer focus on the manual methods used to manage networks, but understand the business objectives and translate them into network policy. Cisco is now bringing this concept to IOT customers, so that organisations can scale their systems in an automated manner. In addition, they retain the flexibility to integrate existing and future infrastructure.


Cisco has unveiled Catalyst Heavy Duty switches and access points designed to withstand prolonged exposure to dust, water and other extreme conditions. The products are IP67 water and dust proof, and are controlled by the Cisco DNA Center. The DNA Center provides general management, monitors the health of the network and offers segmentation capabilities for business premises, branches and AT environments.

Another new feature is that the Industrial Router now supports Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), so that remote locations can be safely connected. The application performance also needs to be improved in this way. According to Cisco itself, this is the first time that there has been an SD-WAN solution for industrial IOT customers.

Finally, Cisco will work on its acquisition of Sentryo. With this acquisition, the company wants to provide insight into OT devices so that IT teams can work together and secure the sensitive networks. It includes devices that run on critical infrastructure, such as in electricity and oil refineries and manufacturing activities.


The Cisco IR1101 Router is available immediately, the Catalyst IE 3400 Heavy Duty Series Switch will be launched this summer. The Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points will be released in the autumn. For organizations that need help deploying, managing, scaling and securing Cisco IT solutions, Cisco Services is available. This service comes with continuous advice, implementation, software integration, optimization and technical and IT training.

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