LinkedIn started with migration to Azure cloud

LinkedIn started with migration to Azure cloud

Three years after the acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn will migrate its workloads to the Azure cloud of its parent company. According to the company’s senior VP of engineering, Mohak Shroff, the project takes several years.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for 26.2 billion dollars. Since then, the company has mainly left its new daughter alone, and LinkedIn was able to manage itself. However, the social medium used various Azure technologies to improve the delivery of content, to update the news feed and to keep unwanted content off the site.

The success of these improvements made Azure the right choice, and according to Shroff is one of the reasons that LinkedIn is now going to migrate there, writes Cloud Pro. The intention is to move all workloads from our own data centres to the Microsoft cloud.

Moving to Azure gives us access to a range of hardware and software innovations and an unprecedented global scale, says Shroff in a blog post. This allows us to focus on areas where we can offer unique value to our members and customers.

Office 365

It is not the first time that LinkedIn has migrated part of its business to Microsoft services. Microsoft published in October details on how it migrated the 14,000 employees of Google’s social media services to Office 365. This migration also lasted a number of years. However, the move to Azure will take even longer. Shroff has not announced exactly how long the process is expected to take. Various Microsoft services do not yet run on Azure either. These include Office 365 and Xbox Live. These services run in Microsoft data centres, but not on the Azure stack. They still have their own platform, but it is the intention that this will one day become Azure in the future. The Azure Active Directory, the core of Office 365, already runs on Azure.

645 million members

Shroff also shared some figures about LinkedIn in his blog post. According to him, the platform currently has 645 million members and 20 million jobs. Also, every eight seconds someone is hired via LinkedIn, according to Shroff.

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