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VMware has announced the latest version of HCX. HCX is the company’s application mobility platform. The platform accelerates large-scale live migrations of vSphere and other workloads from the new version, to help customers operationalize multicold and hybrid cloud transformations.

According to VMware itself, companies that adopt hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with VMware infrastructure aim to simplify operations and increase business agility. To make this possible, companies are setting up new environments locally and in the cloud.

However, according to the cloud specialist, large companies cannot realise a modern data center or hybrid cloud until they can move applications and workloads freely between environments. With HCX, this should be simplified.


VMware HCX enables data center and cloud transformations by simplifying the process of connecting, powering and constantly optimizing the deployment of applications in modern cloud infrastructures.

The new version is designed to simplify workload migration, workload rebalancing and the optimization of disaster recovery in data centers and cloud environments. HCX Enterprise now also supports the migration of other workloads of vSphere variants, for example. This support starts with the hypervisors KVM and Hyper-V, which provide customers with an easy route to replatform applications for full control.

HCX also gets an improvement with vMotion in the new version. It combines the benefits of bulk migration scalability with the ability to migrate hundreds of live workloads simultaneously without downtime. HCX vMotion also makes it possible to replicate vm’s in bulk to the new target. The migration can be completed at a scheduled time, minimizing the business risk.

Backup and recovery

Finally, HCX Enterprise is now working with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM). This is to combine the best disaster recovery capabilities with the best hybrid connectivity. In this way, safe, efficient backup and recovery of critical workloads must be guaranteed.

Customers can use HCX hybrid interconnects to optimize bandwidth and connectivity, secure mobile devices on the go, and stretch networks to simplify IP address management for recovered mobile devices. In addition, HCX accelerates the replication process by eliminating incompatibility problems between networks and storage.

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