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GigaSpaces has partnered with Tableau for machine learning and data visualization. The solution that must result from the collaboration accelerates personalized Business Intelligence (BI) visualizations for improved insights and data analysis.

GigaSpaces, the creators of real-time analytics platform InsightEdge, has recently joined forces with the provider of analytical platforms. The new solution is designed to help enterprises accelerate BI visualizations created from operational data of these enterprises.

InsightEdge offers the possibility to perform machine learning and real-time analyses on historical data, streaming data and so-called hot data. In combination with Tableau, this results in interactive visualisation with low latency. InsightEdge supports further filtering, sharding and customized aggregation.

Save work and time

The solution also supports a large number of simultaneous users, without compromising performance. The use of the product can also be scaled up to the needs of the user. This is due to the use of a ‘shared nothing’ architecture, in which resources are not divided over multiple tasks.

“More and more companies are using big data to make better decisions, but are struggling to support their growing need for real-time analysis,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “Integrating Tableau with InsightEdge will help to speed up complex analysis needs and enable organizations to respond quickly to time-dependent insights.

“Data visualization brings business intelligence to life and helps organizations make better business decisions,” said Yoav Einav, Vice President of Products at GigaSpaces. “Our customers can work with Tableau to visualize their operational data and analytical results in real time, and share them throughout the organization, to work as quickly as possible.”

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