Akamai introduces new features for safer content delivery

Akamai introduces new features for safer content delivery

Content delivery firm Akamai has announced improvements to maximize security, quality and reliability in delivering content from the cloud to the user. With the new features, the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform enables organisations to optimise and secure the network edge, through which they essentially offer their services.

“The edge is both where a business and its customers meet and a place where valuable insights can be gained and shared globally at lightning speed,” said Rick McConnell, President and GM of Akamai’s Web Division. “As enterprises respond to the ongoing expansion of mobile usage and heightened customer expectations, enhancements to the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform are designed to accelerate their digital transformations and improve customer experiences while maximizing security and digital trust.”

Akamai believes that the move to the cloud creates security, performance, quality and cost challenges for organisations. Akamai’s services can help organisations focus on productivity, profitability and core business rather than building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Better security, same user experience

To get the full return on their cloud investments, Akamai believes organisations need to mitigate threats associated with a larger attack surface. Akamai, for example, provides more insight into bot activity through a new bot information console. It collects data from Akamai’s entire customer base to provide better data context. In addition, improvements to Enterprise Application Access (EAA) have been announced that allow for continuous verification of authorisations. In addition, Akamai continuously updates the WAF rules in Kona Site Defender to protect against the latest threats. This allows customers to immediately see how new rules affect their organisation.

Finally, a number of platform improvements aimed at content piracy have been announced. For example, forensic watermarks are being introduced, which will be integrated into content in advance. This will make it easier to trace content piracy to its source.