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Research shows that Red Hat’s clients prefer to use the hybrid cloud as a strategy. However, there is a lot to be said about difficulties, e.g. difficulties around finding staff with the right skills for such a strategy.

Red Hat’s survey, called the 2020 Global Customer Tech Outlook, surveyed 876 of Red Hat’s largest customers. 31 percent of respondents said that the term “hybrid” best describes their cloud strategy. 21 percent of them have a tendency towards a private cloud approach, rather than public cloud. Only 4 percent say that the public cloud is their first choice. Of that group, only 6 percent opted for multicloud, i.e. the use of two or more public cloud platforms. According to Red Hat, a rather worrying result is that about 12 percent of customers do not seem to have any cloud strategy, and simply say that they “have no plans to focus on the cloud”.

Red Hat thinks the popularity of hybrid approaches stems from lower costs, and better data integration and data security. These benefits can, however, only be exploited if companies have the right skills, according to the study, and that seems to be a problem for many of the clients. Skills and talent shortages were cited by 11 percent of respondents as the biggest obstacle to achieve success in digitisation. 17 percent also mentioned technical debt challenges, which means that companies will have to spend more money when choosing solutions that they will have to customise themselves later on.

In addition, 11 percent said that a lack of automation was their main concern. In all cases, it seems that these companies do not have the right skills to deal with certain challenges.