Equinix acquires Packet for adventure in the network edge

Equinix acquires Packet for adventure in the network edge

Equinix, operator of data centers, has bought the start-up Packet for a move to the edge computing market. Packet offers hosted bare metal servers; Equinix wants to use the acquisition to improve its own bare metal offering.

Packet’s bare metal servers allow customers to manage all layers above the actual server layer themselves. According to Equinix, these kinds of ‘clean slate’ offers are particularly suitable for the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing.

“By acquiring Packet we are making it easier for enterprises to seamlessly deploy multicloud solutions at Equinix and extract greater value from our rich ecosystems and global interconnection platform,” said Sara Baack, chief product officer of Equinix, about the acquisition.

Perfect fit

According to Baack, Packet’s solutions fit seamlessly into the cloud neutral model of Equinix itself. The strategy to allow companies to be flexible in the rollout and use of digital infrastructure should thus become more advanced. On the other hand, Packet sees the acquisition as the ideal opportunity to create a drastically enlarged footprint in the data center world, as Equinix of course is a big player there.

“We started Packet in 2014 with a vision to redefine the next wave of cloud with a focus on the distribution and automation of fundamental infrastructure,” Packet CEO Zachary Smith stated. “This dovetails perfectly with Equinix’s strategy for helping enterprises implement new digital architectures in a growing number of edge locations.”