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Chips of 7nm but eventually even 6nm and 3nm: by means of a new production line in the factory in Hwaseong, Samsung wants to triple the production of 7nm chips before the end of the year.

The new assembly line will be fully focused on making chips with the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) semiconductor line. The so-called V1-line was announced at the beginning of 2018 and should show an increase in production numbers in 2020. Samsung expected the costs to rise to around six billion dollars by that time. For the time being, the manufacturer believes that it is below that amount, but expects to tap it by the end of the year.

Triple the available chips

The tripling of the number of available chips compared to 2019 is made possible in cooperation with the S3-line. In addition to these two lines, Samsung still has four assembly lines, divided over different locations.

The use of EUV would make it possible to make many detailed designs on thinner surfaces, compared to the technology used previously; argon-fluriode lasers.

With a final investment of six billion for the assembly line at the end of 2020, it will cost Samsung only a fraction of the over one hundred billion that the South Korean chip manufacturer expected to have to invest before 2030 to become the market leader in chip manufacturing.