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Network monitoring company Paessler introduces PRTG Node-RED-Connector, a solution that brings advanced monitoring to IoT, IIoT and production environments.

PRTG Node-RED Connector is, so far, only available in beta. It allows administrators of IoT, Industrial IoT and production environments to integrate their equipment and processes with the PRTG Network Monitor software. The information collected by the Node-RED Connector is automatically delivered to PRTG Network Monitor. Users can combine the monitoring of their IoT and IIoT environments with the security of their IT infrastructure, if needed.

Node-RED is open source, developed by IBM‘s Emerging Technology Services team. The visual programming tool provides APIs, online services and a web interface for connecting IoT and IIoT devices.

Node-RED is capable of pre-processing the collected monitoring data. Users gain access to data analysis capabilities and can also forward data to PRTG using the new PRTG Node-RED Connector. No programming is required, everything can be controlled via the Node-RED interface, according to Paessler.

Users can set thresholds and escalation levels for triggering notifications. Furthermore, they can create dashboards and maps by dragging and dropping, and generate reports with monitoring data.


The Node-RED software also allows users to click and drag nodes to connect and integrate them with the PRTG Network Monitor software. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, integrators without programming skills can have a working application with a few mouse clicks. According to Paessler, Node-RED therefore makes it possible to develop a fully functional application in a shorter time and at a lower cost. Furthermore, thanks to the visual nature of the software, users immediately know what their application will look like and can understand the underlying logic immediately. Furthermore, links are possible with IoT- and IIoT-specific communication protocols in PRTG.