Huawei expects to supply 5G hardware to European providers

Huawei expects to supply 5G hardware to European providers

Huawei is convinced that it will be able to provide European telecom providers with 5G technology. However, the United States is trying to stop European allies, as it would have evidence that the Chinese manufacturer is spying.

In the United States, a proposal was adopted in the Senate last week, allowing providers to receive compensation for the removal of material already placed by Huawei. However, the Chinese manufacturer expects that European providers will simply purchase material.

Abraham Liu, Vice President Europe at Huawei, told Reuters that ISPs have a free choice to go with a party and there will always be a choice for the manufacturer that brings the best deal.

In Europe, member states are free to decide whether or not to go with the Chinese manufacturer. “Operators have one hundred percent control over information transported over the network. We build the motorway, as it were, and the operators are the toll gates that determine how many cars are allowed through it. We give them the key, after which they have full control,” Huawei says.

In countries such as Germany, there is still a lot of discussion about whether or not to keep Huawei out when supplying equipment for the 5G network. Last month, a committee which investigates technology in the country believed that America’s claims about Huawei were not supported by hard evidence, but that the company should be treated with caution. At the same time, the German government has also warned that not doing business with Huawei will result in a significant delay of the 5G network.