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Google Cloud has announced machine images. According to Google Cloud, machine images contain all the necessary information for creating, backing up and restoring a virtual machine.

Machine images are part of the IaaS Compute Engine section of Google Cloud. It equips companies with configurable virtual machines (VM). Compute Engine provides all the feature custom images, which contain the data from a single disk. However, setting up a new VM often requires a number of manual steps. For example, the manual steps relate to metadata and instance configuration.

Different approach

Machine images should change that. It would contain all the necessary parts to create a new instance. You can think of data from different sources, including data from multiple disks.

When machine images of an instance are created, the instance information and disk data are stored on a single resource. From a dashboard the location can be determined. When the instance needs to be restored, only the machine image and a new instance name need to be specified.

Google hopes that machine images will support the backup and disaster recovery strategy of companies. Currently, the functionality is still in beta phase.

Google has recently introduced a lot of innovations to its cloud platform. For example, it recently released a special version of Anthos, the company’s hybrid and multicloud strategy, for telecom.