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Mist Systems, the WLAN subsidiary of network infrastructure and security specialist Juniper Networks, has expanded its product portfolio with extensive analytics. This should give companies more insight into their networks and more information about the location of end users.

The WLAN specialist of the network and security vendor indicates that the launched solution Mist Premium Analytics should ensure that all information from today’s stand-alone (wireless) network environments, silos or locations ends up in a single intelligent engine. This will give customers a clear overview of the status of all these environments and allow them to make further business decisions based on it.

Insights into performance and user behaviour

More concretely, the new solution offers customers more insight into the performance of their WLAN networks at specific locations, branch offices or in-store locations. This should help users to get a better overview of the usage patterns of their wireless networks. For example, the capacity of these networks will increase and decrease according to demand.

The tool also produces customer-specific data and analytics reports. These reports are based on location data and should help end users to interpret the wireless behaviour of their customers and their own employees. Based on this data, it is possible, for example, to predict the amount of data traffic at certain locations and adjust it accordingly. They can also predict how many salespeople are needed at any given time and location.

In addition, end users are able to compare the data generated with Mist PremiumAnalytics with data provided by third parties. Based on these comparisons decisions can be made.

Presentation of reports

Mist Systems indicates that with the now launched solution customers can analyze up to one year of data. This can be done with customizable queries and also complete customer reports. The solution presents the various insights in the form of ‘rich data visualisations’. In this way, customers would be able to better understand the results of the analytics, according to the WLAN specialist.

Integration with AI-Driven Network

It is not yet clear how the service now launched will be integrated into the AI-Driven Network. The analytics and artificial intelligence solutions of Mist Systems, acquired last year, form the basis for this cloud-based ‘self-driving network’ of Juniper Networks. Mist PremiumAnalytics will be available soon.