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AWS offers its customers Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) C5a instances based on AMD Gen2 EPYC processors. These cloud instances make high-performance processing up to 10 percent cheaper than comparable instances on the market.

The widely available EC2 C5a instances are designed for cloud-based workloads that require a lot of computing power. These include batch processing, distributed analytics, data transformations, log analysis and running web applications. In addition, they are also very suitable to be used for game development and hosting.

More cores

According to AWS, the now released EC2 C5a instances with AMD Gen2 EPYC processors mainly benefit from a large number of cores available to the processors in combination with the high clock speeds up to 3.3 GHz. The cloud instances are also available in eight different configurations, with two to 96 virtual CPUs.


The EC2 C5a instances based on AMD Gen2 EPYC processors are  available in the AWS US East, AWS US West, AWS Europe and the AWS Asia-Pacific cloud regions.