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Dell Technologies launched a rugged version of its hyper-converged VxRail system. The company’s goal is to deliver a high-performance system to edge environments for the oil and gas and manufacturing industries.

This rugged version of VxRail is called the D-Series. The system is compact and designed for edge environments. In addition, the system is designed to be shockproof up to 40G, remains operational up to a depth of 4572 meters and is resistant to extreme temperatures. The D-series is powered by second-generation Intel Xeon processors and is only 50 centimetres deep.

This makes the Dell EMC VxRail D Series ideal for harsh environments such as in the oil and gas industry or on aircraft or ships. VxRail is Dell Technologies’ leading hyper-converged system developed in conjunction with VMware.

New VxRail E-series

The company also launches the Dell EMC VxRail E series, a VxRail system with AMD Epyc processors in a 1U form factor. This system is intended for datacenters with limited space and edge deployments. The company also adds Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Nvidia GPU capabilities to the system. The E-Series offers high performance in a single-socket model and is an ideal option for database, unstructured data, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. The system is available with NVMe, all-flash or hybrid storage configurations.

VMware updates

Dell also updated the VxRail software to adapt to recent developments in VMware. VxRail has been developed collaboratively by Dell EMC and VMware for some time now. The new software updates deliver many benefits, including fewer nodes for configuration, VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail and support for Kubernetes.

Both the VxRail D-series and the E-series will be available on June 23rd. According to CRN, the D-series, with a cluster of 3 nodes, will cost 20.000 dollars (17.800 euro).

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