Dell gives users more DPU capabilities

Dell gives users more DPU capabilities

Dell Technologies lets customers use data processing units (DPUs) more easily and at a lower cost. Instead of purchasing new servers, customers can use special kits to upgrade their existing 15G Intel-based servers for DPU functionality.

Dell Technologies has been offering customers the use of DPUs for some time. This is in partnership with VMware so they can take greater advantage of their rapidly evolving VMware vSphere and NSX environments. The Dell and VMware program for this is based on the NVIDIA Bluefield and AMD Pensando DSC2 DPUs.


DPUs allow companies to offload infrastructure services, so it is possible to take network, storage and security tasks away from the server processor, among other things. This frees up processor cycles on the server processor.

The DPUs then accelerate network, storage and security operations via built-in accelerators. This should lead to greater efficiency, better and faster performance and more security.

New user kits for server upgrades

The recent announcement of user kits for DPUs should make it easier for customers to use VMware software and DPUs. Their existing 15G Intel-based servers can now be upgraded instead of purchasing new servers to do so.

More specifically, Dell will ensure that the DPU technology is installed on customers’ server platforms, so they can immediately discover all the benefits of DPUs. The tech giant says it is leading the way in enabling VMware vSphere and retrofitting DPUs on existing servers.

Interested parties can contact Dell Technologies to discuss which DPUs and specific customer kits they need.

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