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The Dell NativeEdge solution will soon allow organizations to manage and update all their Edge devices from a single pane of glass. Whether you’re a retail chain, an organization with dozens of factories scattered around the world, or a scooter rental company. Dell Technologies has developed a single unified platform with NativeEdge that makes Edge management simple and also makes all the data easier to access.

More and more organizations want to extract more value from their data created in a variety of locations. Organizations also want to apply automation to improve processes, for example, to improve quality control on their production lines. The moment you as an organization need infrastructure in many different locations you put a lot of pressure on your IT team. With Dell NativeEdge, deploying and managing infrastructure and applications at Edge locations should become easier. It’s a matter of preparing the Edge devices and shipping them to the Edge locations, there it’s a matter of plugging in power and network and the Edge devices automatically appear in the Dell NativeEdge portal where they can be managed.

Here the IT team can monitor and update the devices, as well as deploy any new applications to the devices. So this allows an IT team to keep the devices and software stack uniform.

Since you often work with remote locations, security is hugely important. Dell has committed to zero-trust security for Dell NativeEdge. All devices are checked at startup to make sure they are not opened but also that the secure boot, firmware, he operating system and BIOS are intact and not modified.

Cloudify acquisition play big role in NativeEdge

It’s pretty clear that the Cloudify acquisition played a significant role in the creation of NativeEdge. A lot of technology seems to come out of that acquisition. IT teams can manage their Edge assets in a cloud-like way. Because management is secure and simple, you can also scale quickly as an organization with Dell NativeEdge. Something you can do with a cloud solution as well.

Dell claims, based on its own research, that organizations can recoup about 130% of their investment in three years. This is because the implementation time is much shorter and the cost of managing Edge devices requires much less work and therefore costs.