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Amazon Web Service said they are stepping up their push into the space sector by establishing a new business unit named Aerospace and Satellite Solutions. The unit is slated to work with both private sector and government customers to offer assistance with projects like satellite launches.

From job postings that AWS has put up, CNBC analysts noted that they aim to compete for various other deals. The subsidiary of Amazon wants to provide services to customers who work on rocket launches, robotics, human spaceflight support, and mission control operations, among others.

AWS extends regions into space

Teresa Carlson, the vice president of AWS’s worldwide public sector business, wrote a blog post at the opening of the AWS Public Sector Summit Online. In it, she says, “What’s clear is that when space is made accessible and cost-effective, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. AWS stands ready to help remove the limits of connecting space to Earth communications.”

Carlson had more details about the unit’s focus areas. One of the priorities she mentioned would be to launch new services that process data on Earth and in orbit. That statement probably means AWS could be developing solutions that can be launched into orbit for deployment. AWS will extend its regions into space.

A space force type situation

The main space customers for AWS will use AWS Ground Station, a network of ground-based antennas used to send commands to satellite and allow data downloads. The product is appealing because it is more affordable than every company building its own antenna network.

This move to create the unit will enable AWS and Amazon, by extension, to provide better management in aerospace operations. Amazon appointed retired Air Force Major General Clint Crosier, who was also the former director of Space Force Planning at the U.S. Space Force, to lead this unit.