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AWS has released a new series of EC2 instances based on its proprietary Graviton2 Arm-compatible processors. The three new instances distinguish themselves mainly by their storage capacity.

There are three versions of the previously released EC2 C6g, M6g and R6g instances. These EC2 instances can be used for applications that require a lot of processing power and memory or workloads that require a lot of processing power.

Storage capacity

The newly released EC2 C6gd, M6gd and R6gd instances contain more storage capacity in addition to the Graviton2 processors. More specifically, they contain local NVMe-based SSD block-level storage.

According to AWS, this should make the three instance types faster for storage workloads. Ultimately, this should provide fifty percent more NVMe storage capacity per CPU compared to x86 processor-based instances. SSD disks range in size from 59 to 1900 GB. In addition, the new instances should offer up to 40 percent better price-performance improvements.

The new AWS EC2 C6gd, M6gd and R6gd instances are available in the AWS cloud regions US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio) and Europe (Ireland).

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