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Hosting company Leaseweb announces the launch of Leaseweb Cloud Connect. This is a hybrid cloud solution that allows customers to connect their Leaseweb hosted infrastructure to their cloud environment.

The idea is to give companies flexibility when it comes to workloads and the ability to move them from Leaseweb infrastructure to the cloud and vice versa. Customers can choose between connections of 100 Mbps, 10 Gbps and everything in between. The hosting company wants to emphasize that it intends to deliver customization and scalability when it comes to the infrastructure, services and applications within a public cloud.

Leaseweb Cloud Connect

Leaseweb Cloud Connect works in conjunction with Megaport, a provider specialised in Network-as-a-Service. Initially, it is only possible to connect to Amazon Web Services. More hyperscalers will be added later this year.

Nikolaos Kolestsas, product manager at Leaseweb Global: “The new offering delivers a hybrid cloud solution that allows businesses to use a public cloud for development, PaaS functions, one-off workloads, and big data platforms, all while leveraging Leaseweb for business-critical applications and associated data or specific production environments.”


Kolestsas: “Megaport’s Software Defined Network provides the scalable, secure connectivity to cloud onramps to ensure peak performance. This approach minimizes infrastructure costs and increases the speed at which organizations can bring new products and services to market.”

Leaseweb Cloud Connect is a combination of Leaseweb’s Hybrid Connect concept and Megaport’s Software Defined Networking technology. With more than 170 direct cloud connections, Megaport Connected has a worldwide presence. It’s easy to connect to a company’s public cloud infrastructure. This makes it possible to create hybrid solutions that are always scalable.

Eric Troyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Megaport. “Leaseweb Cloud Connect reinforces Leaseweb’s position within the hybrid cloud provider space and allows Leaseweb to provide an extended Cloud access service to their SMB and start-up customers. We value the partnership with Leaseweb and are excited to be able to support the company’s continued evolution as hybrid, and multi-cloud demand continues to grow throughout Europe.”