Cisco acquires intelligent smart camera specialist Modcam

Cisco acquires intelligent smart camera specialist Modcam

Cisco acquires Swedish startup Modcam, a specialist in smart technology for smart cameras. Modcam’s technology has been added to the Meraki portfolio.

Smart technology, such as AI and machine learning, are increasingly becoming an integral part of security cameras. The Swedish startup Modcam provides technology in this area such as machine learning, computer vision and cloud-based management capabilities for security cameras. This technology was a reason for Cisco to acquire Modcam now.

Even smarter technology

Modcam’s technology also makes security cameras smarter in a different way. This technology makes it possible to collect data from and apply machine learning to multiple cameras within a business environment. This further expands the possibilities of camera surveillance.

The cameras in the Meraki portfolio feature intelligent functionality, such as motion detection, but this is limited to the individual cameras themselves. With the functionality of Modcam, customers can use their cameras to get a better overview of their entire business environment in a single place.

Return to work

In addition to security, Cisco also sees opportunities with this technology for the ‘return to the new normal’ after the current pandemic. With this technology, companies can obtain a complete overview of the availability of empty workplaces in their business environments. This way, they can make it possible for employees to return to the work floor safely.

Integration within Cisco

Cisco and Modcam made no announcements about the acquisition sum. However, all employees of the startup have now been hired by Cisco. Modcam’s technology will be integrated into the Meraki portfolio and will no longer be available as a stand-alone product.

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