Empower end-users with better experiences

Empower end-users with better experiences

End-users need to get work done. The best way to achieve this is to provide the most optimal end-user experience. End-user computing (EUC) solutions can have a long-lasting and positive effect on the employees, even on all stakeholder groups in your organisation. Companies embracing the best EUC solutions experience a lot of benefits.

EUC solutions, for example, scale from pilot to thousands of end-users without re-architecting the infrastructure. Users benefit from the industry’s leading HCI solutions and high-level support to deliver millions of virtual desktops and apps. The solutions will eliminate the risk of failure.

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Companies will also be able to deploy virtual apps and desktops eight times faster with one-click deployment and management. They enable global collaboration with an enterprise-ready digital workspace within minutes, not hours or days. Any end-users, including mobile and remote users, on the broadest set of platforms (on-premises, hosted, and public cloud), will be supported.

Always-on availability and security

Additional benefits will be reduced downtime by as much as 97% with built-in self-healing and intelligent automation capabilities. Companies can deliver uninterrupted access to digital workspaces with bursting and failover across multiple clouds.

Unwanted attacks will be prevented, while end-user data will be secured with encrypted desktops and user files. Malware can be stopped from spreading with secure network access between the network firewall and the user desktop.

In the end, companies will achieve even more benefits from EUC solutions. Wonder how? This report, by Lenovo, Intel and Nutanix, goes into detail.