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Frame spins out of Nutanix and merges with Dizzion

Frame spins out of Nutanix and merges with Dizzion

Frame gets a second life, or perhaps third life. Frame once began as an independent Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider. Then it was acquired by Nutanix to complete its end-user-computing vision. Now Frame is being spin out of Nutanix, sold to an investor and then merged with Dizzion, another DaaS player.

We were already told during Nutanix .NEXT that there was virtually no more focus on Frame, the Desktop-as-a-Service solution that Nutanix acquired in 2018. Fortunately, Frame is now getting a second life, as Nutanix has sold Frame to LLR Partners, an investment firm that also owns Dizzion. Dizzion and Frame will merge, becoming one of the largest independent DaaS providers in the market.

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Dizzion and Frame together offer customers more choice

Under Nutanix, Frame has evolved into a DaaS solution that customers can deploy themselves, choosing from Nutanix infrastructure, both on-premises and cloud, as well as various hyperscalers. For example, Frame can also be deployed on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Frame can run virtually anywhere.

Unlike Frame, Dizzion is a managed DaaS solution. That means installation and management are entirely taken out of your hands. It’s called managed for a reason. In addition, Dizzion has made other choices in terms of infrastructure. Customers can choose from the IBM Cloud or one of the many Equinix data centers. So together, Frame and Dizzion offer much more choice to customers and can help each other grow faster.

Nutanix stays on as partner, but the focus widens

Nutanix will remain connected as a partner to Frame. Nothing will change for existing customers; Frame will simply continue to support Nutanix infrastructure. However, it does ensure that both companies will soon be able to focus on what they do best. Nutanix on offering hybrid cloud infrastructure and Frame on delivering end-user computing environments.

We assume that in the near future Frame will also offer more support for on-premise environments or also become available as a managed service through Equinix. While on the other hand, the technical knowledge within the Frame team, can be used to make Dizzion available in more clouds.

Acquisition details not public, future vision still developing

While there are some assumptions to be made about how the two solutions can help each other, much remains unclear. Nutanix has indicated that separation and acquisition details will not be made public. What is disclosed is that all people involved in Frame are also moving to the new organization. For customers the purchasing and renewal of licenses or receiving support will continue in the same way as before. As soon as this changes, customers will be informed.

The future vision of the newly formed company is still somewhat unclear. The new company carries the name Dizzion-Frame, but that sounds like something temporary. There will probably be a rebranding soon with a new vision and strategy. We will continue to follow the developments.