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Juniper Networks announced that it signed a deal to acquire 128 Technology for 450 million dollars. The company has a software platform for enterprise networks.

The deal will wrap up in Juniper’s fourth quarter, ending in late January. 128 Technology was founded in 2014 and provides a software-based virtual router platform that links data centers, public cloud deployments, and company offices together. The software was designed to replace the traditional routers enterprises have always used.

The upside includes lower operating costs and simpler management of daily company operations.

An elegant solution

As 128 Technology puts it, the platform can optimize the paths through which data travels in a network to boost app performance. It secures the data using what is called a zero-trust approach. The virtual router encrypts all traffic, authenticates, and processes requests that meet the organization’s security policies.

The features are made available to users without network tunnels or virtual data pathways that many software-defined solutions in the same niche use. Removing the transit packets from the equation means that it frees up hardware resources.

40% of WAN overhead is reduced automatically when session smart networking is deployed sans tunnels.

Integration up the road

Juniper’s executive VP and Chief Product officer said in a blog post that in some instances, 128 Technology is 75% more cost-effective than traditional solutions.

Juniper will integrate 128 Technology’s network security and optimization features with its own Mist AI platform. The platform uses AI to enhance enterprise network efficiency. Juniper originally bought Mist Systems Inc last year and, as a result, obtained Mist AI.

Before the acquisition, Mist focused mainly on providing solutions for Wi-Fi networks in corporate offices. Juniper expanded its use into WAN as well. In July, a machine learning solution that monitors WAN was introduced.

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