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Intel has announced Horse Ridge II. Compared to its predecessor, the control chip for quantum computers has been modified in a way that should improve scalability.

In a press release, Intel writes that the second generation of the Horse Ridge-SoC has two additional control functions, making it possible to connect more external control elements to the SoC. Intel identifies two specific feature:

  • Reading out the current qubit state;
  • The ability to control multiple qubits simultaneously using a process called multigate pulsing.

Horse Ridge

Earlier this year, Intel announced that it was working on Horse Ridge II. As the name suggests, the design builds on the first Horse Ridge-SoC. That chip was released at the end of 2019.

Horse Ridge is an SoC designed to operate within the extremely cold temperatures of a quantum computer. It should solve the problem of the many cables running into the cooling system to control individual qubits. This should make it easier to set up a system based on a quantum computer, an important step towards building a quantum computer with real practical use cases.

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