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Apple appears to have started developing its own modems. With these modems, the company would no longer be dependent on parties such as Qualcomm or Intel for its network equipment.

Johny Srouji, the senior vice president of hardware at Apple, is said to have informed Apple’s employees internally, Bloomberg writes. “This year, we kicked off the development of our first internal cellular modem which will enable another key strategic transition,” he said. “Long-term strategic investments like these are a critical part of enabling our products and making sure we have a rich pipeline of innovative technologies for our future.”


In 2019, Apple acquired the Intel branch for smartphone modems for 1 billion dollars. The company would have used that expertise to develop its own hardware.

It is not known when the modems will be first implemented in Apple devices. The latest iPhones use a 5G modem from Qualcomm, and Apple generally opted for Intel components before that.

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Apple has been making its own chips for its equipment for some time now. Since 2010, the company has been incorporating its own SoCs into its smartphones and other mobile devices. This year, the company released the Apple Silicon M1, for use in laptops and tablets.