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Nvidia announced that customers will be able to download more than 20 of its software resources to speed up AI deployments in robotics, healthcare, data science, and other projects in a similar vein, as a result of getting its storefront in Amazon Web Service’s marketplace.

Nvidia NGC is the given name of the catalog of graphics processing unit-powered software, designed to boost speeds in tasks involving machine learning, high-performance computing, and deep learning.

The software, which is best run on Nvidia’s GPUs, consists of machine learning frameworks and software development kits, packaged in containers so users can run them with minimal effort.

Hit the ground running

With such provisions, customers of Nvidia’s service will be able to design, build, and train AI models at a rapid pace, to reach production quickly.

The AWS Marketplace allows customers to find, buy, and immediately use software and services, run on the AWS cloud. Nvidia’s NGC Director, Adel El Hallak, said that the company is making 21 resources available.

He also said that this is the first time the NGC software is being offered through a third-party marketplace. Many organizations are using the cloud for new deployments, which makes having NGC software available, a great way for these users to hit the ground running.

Ease of access to save time

Making NGC available this way means that the customers can get them directly on the AWS ecosystem and start using them on AI projects, without having to leave the ecosystem. Most of the software on NGC is app-specific.

For instance, Nvidia Clara Imaging is used to speed up deep learning training and inference for medical imaging uses. Nvidia Merlin is an open beta framework used to create large-scale recommendation systems.

The software is constantly updated, with monthly releases that bring the latest features and performance enhancements.