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Zyxel Networks announced that it has added integration with its USG FLEX firewalls to Nebula Cloud. This offers network administrators the possibility to control Zyxel firewalls from within the cloud environment.

The integration in Nebula Cloud should not only simplify management, but also improve security, Zyxel claims in a press release. The company states that when the firewalls detect a security breach on one of the connected clients, this will be automatically synchronised with the Nebula Cloud Control Center. From there, a stricter security policy is automatically applied to the access points. As a result, affected clients are blocked or quarantined.

Nebula Access Points

Zyxel also emphasises the simplified management options that Nebula Cloud should offer. For example, the company mentions facilitating the establishment of secure external connections for employees working remotely. For this purpose, the company offers its so-called Nebula Access Points. These are access points that create a standard VPN connection to the company network. This gives employees access to an internal WiFi network wherever they are in the world.

For integration of the Zyxel USG FLEX firewalls, the ZLD5.0 firmware is required. This firmware is available as a free upgrade for all firewalls in the USG FLEG line via the devices’ interface.

New licensing model

Nebula Cloud is a cloud interface that allows network administrators to control all kinds of Zyxel network devices. Alternatively, the devices can be controlled with a desktop application or via the device’s interface. The platform will migrate to a device-based licensing model for all Nebula-capable devices this month. Zyxel promises that this will align the licensing service for network management and security across the board to provide a consistent and unified user experience.

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