Growth in cloud usage accelerates

Growth in cloud usage accelerates

More and more companies are making the switch to a cloud-based infrastructure, according to a new report.

The research was conducted by CloudCheckr, a cloud visibility management platform. The company surveyed more than 300 IT professionals and stakeholders working at companies with more than 500 employees. Of these, 57 percent said that more than half of their infrastructure is now in the cloud and 64 percent believe that within five years they will be fully hosted in the public cloud.

Barriers remain

Yet there are still major barriers holding back the move to the cloud. According to the CloudCheckr survey, 44 percent of respondents are concerned about security when moving to the cloud. Legislation is also seen as an obstacle, says 42 percent, as is application support, which 41 percent of respondents struggle with.

The biggest obstacle is financial. Ninety-three percent of respondents said their organisations are having budgeting problems for the costs associated with using the cloud. One percent more say they have encountered unexpected cloud costs. Only 31 percent said they could “effectively” monitor and optimise public cloud costs.

Most respondents were positive

In general, however, those questioned were positive about the results of their investments in the cloud. Especially when an organisation used a cloud centre of excellence, a specialised team focused on developing a framework for cloud operations, told CloudCheckr they saw major benefits from the cloud. For teams without this organised cloud expertise, this was less the case.

“While it’s no surprise to anyone how strong cloud adoption is today, this report shows the tremendous growth ahead and how quickly it will happen over the next half decade. Now is the time for IT organizations to define the right strategies to utilize the full potential of the cloud and for cloud service providers to enhance their capabilities to lead their customers through cloud transformations,” CloudCheckr CEO Tim McKinnon said. “Migrating to the cloud is only the first step. It’s up to organizations to adopt the right technology and form teams — be it internally or externally — to develop and manage cloud strategy, governance, and best practices.”

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