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‘Businesses get stuck on integration, costing them millions’

‘Businesses get stuck on integration, costing them millions’

Integration remains a problematic obstacle for many companies. IT teams spend more than a third of their time on integration projects, costing companies millions in labour costs.

This was revealed in the 2021 Connectivity Benchmark Report by Mulesoft, a company that specialises in integration software. Mulesoft conducted the study worldwide in which 332 IT decision-makers gave their input.

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Companies are more and more dependent on IT

In the past year, companies have been very dependent on IT to switch to working from home and gain better efficiency. Of the respondents, 52 percent said they would focus on migrating applications to the cloud, modernizing legacy systems (51 percent). Facilitating remote working (46 percent) is also seen as key focus areas for the coming year. Integrating SaaS applications and utomating business processes were also important, as 43 and 41 percent of respondents indicated for each of these focus points respectively.

IT projects don’t get finished

As a result, the IT team will be saddled with 28 percent more projects in the coming year than in the past year. Yet only 29 percent of respondents said they had completed all of last year’s IT projects. The impact is significant, with three-quarters of companies saying that unfinished digital transformations will affect revenue in the following year.

Integration is a challenge

Data silos, in particular, remain a significant problem for businesses. As with last year, 88 percent of companies find this a challenge and over 80 per cent see integration as an obstacle to digital transformations. Companies use an average of 810 applications, of which only 28 percent are integrated. Only 13 percent of companies integrate end-user experiences across all channels. Almost half say they find this difficult.

Opportunities in reusing APIs

MuleSoft sees a big opportunity in the reuse of APIs. Almost all companies use APIs to deliver new projects, but the reuse of APIs has stagnated in recent years. On average, companies can reuse only 41 percent of their internal resources. According to MuleSoft, there is still a lot of room for improvement in productivity, innovation and self-service.

The full report can be downloaded at the MuleSoft website.

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