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As organizations integrate cutting-edge technological solutions to achieve efficiency, Microsoft Azure Private MEC allows them to harness 5G technology for private networks.

As technology continues to change how businesses operate, there is a growing need to accelerate digital transformation by adopting faster network technology. 5G has been touted as the missing piece of the puzzle that will change how organizations conduct data transfer, analysis, and computing.

With organizational edge computing needs in mind, Microsoft has unveiled its latest Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC). It is a comprehensive suite complete with the cloud services and hardware required to install private 5G networks for organizations.

When completely functional, Azure private MEC allows operations and system integrators (SIs) to leverage ultra-low-latency connections, services, and networking solutions at an enterprise level.

What do you get with Azure private MEC?

A primary 5G network consists of three key aspects:

  1. Hardware – constitutes on-premise hardware, such as servers, computers, etc.
  2. Networking software – that enables data transfer and data processing
  3. Deployment software – for managing deployment

Microsoft has provided organizations with all three aspects with their Azure private MEC platform. With an increasing number of companies preferring on-premise data processing instead of the cloud, the increase in speed and efficiency can help reduce errors and saves time.

Additionally, the software giant has simplified on-premise 5G deployments through a new service – the Azure Network Function Manager. This service, which is included in the Azure private MEC, offers an integrated interface that allows engineers and SIs to execute applications. What’s more – engineers can also create custom scripts to enable automated deployment for applications that take a lot of work.

Microsoft showcases excellent hindsight with smart acquisitions

With the debut of Azure private MEC, Microsoft also revealed several functions that highlighted the importance of intelligent investments. Last year, Microsoft acquired Affirmed Networks Inc. and Metaswitch Networks Ltd. – in a deal that reportedly surpassed the $1 billion mark

One core function, Fusion Core, is based on Metaswitch’s technology. It provides organizations with the bare blocks to operate a 5G network through Kubernetes.

Another function, Affirmed Private Network Service, provides a similar service to telecommunication providers that manage enterprise 5G networks for their clients.