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Oracle has announced their launch of the new Support Rewards Program. It is applicable for customers who have adopted their cloud services.

Oracle has established a new strategy to persuade potential customers to move from on-premises agreements to their subscription-based cloud infrastructure. They promise alleviation of support services costs in return.

The newly-proposed Oracle Support Rewards program is meant to incentivize support services for the customers who commit to buying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

Customers who opt for Oracle Technology License Support earn 25 cents for each dollar they spend on Universal Credits. And on the others hand, people who’ve invested in Oracle Unlimited License Agreements get 33 cents for each dollar spent.

This means that those customers with an unlimited license and support bill up to $500,000 can dispense with that bill completely if they migrate $1.5 million worth of workloads to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What is the aim of the program?

The main aim of the Support Rewards Program is to create more value for existing customers, making their OCI services a more cost-effective option to adopt. The company compared this offer to the concept of frequent flyer miles, as Support Rewards will also be automatically added to their customers’ accounts every month and can be used up anytime.

Larry Ellison, the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Oracle, stated that “almost all our customers have the potential for significant savings.”

One of their clients, Experian Plc, has reported benefiting from the use of this program. A statement from the business said,” Oracle Support Rewards makes it much easier for us to choose Oracle Cloud for the future of these systems.”

All in all, it is yet another way to differentiate its cloud offerings from other products and services for Oracle. The hope is to attract new businesses to opt into OCI.