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HPE Discover 2021 provided a glimpse into the illustrious organizational future of Artificial Intelligence. The star of the show being Aruba Networks.

HPE and Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks, a subdivision of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., is blazing the trail for providing Wi-Fi coverage to corporate locations.

Furthermore, their industry leading network equipment helps companies connect with remote infrastructures such as public cloud environments.

Key points of HPE Discover 2021

With an exciting but uncertain future,  there is still a need for sorting and planning. However, HPE Discover 2021 offered valuable insights into Aruba Networks and its scope:

  • The Aruba networking division debuted new features in its artificial intelligence program
  • Aruba Central will be getting a new set of features called AIOps that will automatically fix any technical problem arising in the company network
  • These features are an extension of the Edge Services Platform, which was introduced by the company last year
  • AIOps will use the generated suggestion from Edge Services Platform to fix any issue
  • With this, Aruba Central can address the internal network problems alongside the external troubleshooting
  • A monitoring console was also introduced for the company’s network equipment health tracking
  • The features are still in expansion more by a tool known as IoT Operations
  • This tool will help in tracking the IoT devices and sensors at the Edge network
  • An app store featuring further add-ons to extend IoT operations was also introduced
  • Aruba also expanded its hardware lineup by introducing new switches for Edge locations with the Aruba CX 4100i series
  • Its family of switches can withstand extreme environments and temperatures
  • The last announcement showed off unprecedented security controls to adjust the corporate network’s user access

Aruba and its role in their enterprise customers’ networks

All these features enhance the main features of Aruba, including increasing its role in their enterprise customers’ networks.

With these updates, Aruba has revealed the strategy of the HPE regarding AI in the corporate networks.