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Google promises to adhere to a set of “tenets” to make life easier for their Enterprise customers.

This week Google Cloud announced it is rolling out a new designation for a set of APIs. The company says the new designation is important for enterprise customers. The new APIs will be available across the Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and the Google Maps Platforms.

A set of tenets will now govern gthe new Enterprise APIs. These aim to ensure that any changes will bring as little disruption as possible to the customer.

Kripa Krishnan Vice President, Google Cloud and Technical Infrastructure, commented on the rollout in a blog post. “Today, we’re taking it one step further by introducing designated Google Enterprise APIs,” she wrote.

A declaration of principles and a set of promises

The blog, written together with John Jester, VP Customer Experience, Google Cloud, describes these requirements in detail. “We recognize that a number of our customers’ business-critical systems depend on our enterprise APIs,” they write. “And organizations need those APIs to be stable so that their systems will continue to work as expected and not trigger unanticipated development work.”

The tenets of the new designations are as follows:

“Our working principle is that no feature may be removed (or changed in a way that is not backwards compatible) for as long as customers are actively using it.”

“Customers will receive a minimum of one year’s notice of an impending change, during which time the feature will continue to operate without issue.”

“To make sure we follow these tenets, any change we introduce to an API is reviewed by a centralized board of product and engineering leads and follows a rigorous product lifecycle evaluation.”

These tenets will apply to all APIs marked “Google Enterprise API”, they promise. The designation is available in listings in the API Library and Google Cloud Marketplace) from Google Cloud, including Google Workspace and Google Maps Platform.