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Spectro Cloud promises to simplify the provision of Kubernetes to CAPI or cluster application programming interface under the umbrella of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

Spectro Cloud makes use of a Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS) interface as a solution for handling different fleets of Kubernetes clusters. Thanks to Spectro Cloud’s efforts, you can now use CAPI to manage a Kubernetes cluster on bare metal serves, just as you would on virtual machines.

By doing so, it will no longer be necessary to write multifaceted scripts for bare-metal servers. It will also be a way to remove the 8-10% hit that processors and memory hypervisors used to run virtual machines have on clusters.

The number of organizations running virtual machines is greater than that of bare-metal servers. At times, most IT teams have not supplied a bare-metal server in a very long time.

Most organizations resort to using Kubernetes on a virtual machine because that is the only way for them to do it right. However, with how Kubernetes clusters have matured, deploying them on bare-metal or virtual servers is now easier.

With new developments, IT teams are using Kubernetes clusters more than usual. In addition, due to the number of clusters deployed, IT teams can get more hands-on experience.

In some organizations, SREs or site reliability engineers are kept back to take care of these clusters. Other organizations are giving their IT teams the tools to manage a cluster without actually programming each setting.

There will be a point where both IT administrators and SREs will manage Kubernetes clusters with time passing. However, these changes make one thing very clear: you will see more Kubernetes clusters being managed. The only real problem is how different IT teams will do so when operations are more extensive.