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The Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions group will be the first customer for VMware’s forthcoming virtualized edge computing solution, running on its ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers, according to a statement by the company on Tuesday.

The new software solution will be availed directly to customer edge sites with the VMware software solution pre-loaded on a pair of ruggedized ThinkSystem SE350s featuring enhanced security.

The ruggedization of the ThinkSystem Se350 will allow the solution to endure extreme temperatures and levels of shock that would incapacitate less-ruggedized devices. The devices also have encrypted hard disks as well as motion and tamper detection for enhanced data and device security.

The purpose SE350 was built for

The integrated and virtualized solution will simplify networking using built-in switching and wireless connectivity, removing the need for external network devices at the edge and allow for smoother, more seamless operation.

The device will be ideal for remote sites that include manufacturing sites, retail stores, and schools, where the need for processing data closer to its creation point and the user is important.

Lenovo said that the new solution supports the hybrid model. It can save up to half of the servers usually required to fully utilize the built-in networking features of the ThinkSystem SE350.

An enhanced LOC-A

Charles Ferland, the Veep and General Manager, Edge Computing and Communications Service Providers at Lenovo, said the system aims to “further remove any other networking elements at the edge sites.”

Meanwhile, the company has upgraded Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) management software to include edge-supported features and aid customers like T-systems deploy their edge-to-cloud infrastructure rapidly.

It automates many of the tasks the physical and virtual infrastructure requires to host cloud applications in the data center and at thousands of remote edge sites.