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Vodafone plans to recruit 7,000 software engineers for its European workforce by 2025. The hope is that this addition will speed up its transition from a traditional telecom provider into a technology company.

The belief by the firm is that 5G, fiber, IoT, and digital platforms investments will allow it to deliver more innovative services that offer customers value and generate more revenue.

The perks of having in-house talent

Vodafone’s efforts to bring in as much talent as possible under its roof will enable it to speed up the development and deployment of the products and reduce the reliance and expense of needing outside help.

The other crucial part of the plan is that Vodafone will own the Intellectual Property (IP) resulting from this initiative.

Expanding the team will take a combination of recruitment, reskilling and insourcing. The new personnel will join the existing software workforce standing at 9,000, as part of a dedicated unit inside the company, called Vodafone Technology. They will be tasked with enabling the company to serve multiple markets.

In the words of the CTO

Vodafone has also crafted a technical career path designed to develop the skills of professionals and help them in their careers so they can take over senior roles in the company. According to John Wibergh, the CTO of Vodafone Group, the company is rapidly shifting up the gears.

The aim is to pull off a dramatic digital transformation. Wibergh added that the company is building a global software brand with a ‘diverse and inclusive culture’ that will provide powerful digital products and superfast connectivity for customers to quickly access whatever they need to use.