Microsoft and Adobe announce a strategic partnership

Microsoft and Adobe announce a strategic partnership

Adobe and Microsoft have announced a strategic alliance to bring deeper product integrations for their clients.

Microsoft and Adobe have announced partnering together to bring their consumers’ outstanding services. The news came to light recently, where Microsoft and Adobe spoke about deeper integrations for their products. The most considerable of these is the Adobe Sign integration. Thanks to this, you will now be able to sign documents on Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.

Further integrations will allow you to read PDFs on your phone with Liquid Mode on Microsoft Edge. This mode is specifically designed to offer easy reading on handheld devices. This is considered a breakthrough in the field and will soon be available to the general market.

What the future holds

The announcement of Adobe and Microsoft has already shown us a lot of services that can help organizations worldwide streamline their operations. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and in time, these two companies will be coming up with new technological innovations to facilitate people.

The senior vice president and general manager of digital media at Adobe, Ashley Still, is thrilled with the partnership and believes that this will propel both organizations to new heights.

Upon the announcement, Ashley said, “I am thrilled to deepen our partnership with Microsoft to reimagine a modern, secure, and connected workplace that helps employees thrive”.

Microsoft and Adobe aim to offer their customers the finest services while ensuring that security and collaboration are constant within a workspace. We are still in the early stages of this partnership, and only time will tell how fruitful this will be for both the organizations and the people using their services.